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 Victor Gruen -
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Commercial real estate properties from Austin Texas, Houston Texas, San Antonio Texas, Dallas Texas and Fort Worth Texas real estate developers.
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Commercial Real Estate Developer Directory

Real Estate Developers in Texas

Commercial Real Estate developers are frequently headquartered in one location but manage properties and develop commercial real estate in various cities, states - even countries. Some of the top commercial developers in the country are located in Austin, Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth and San Antonio, Texas. These Texas cities are going through phenomenal growth, with top commercial contractors building new commercial developments of all types.

Our directory includes a selection of top commercial real estate developers in Texas, serving a broad range of businesses with real estate properties of all types.

Dallas / Fort Worth, Texas Commercial Real Estate Developers

Austin / Houston, Texas Commercial Real Estate Developers

San Antonio, Texas Commercial Real Estate Developers

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Bob Moore Construction

Bob Moore Construction works with the top real estate developers in the United States. Bob Moore Construction is a top construction company and general contractor in Texas and has grown the commercial real estate market in Dallas, Fort Worth and all of Texas since 1946. The commercial construction company's portfolio includes a wide range of concrete buildings, including warehouses, distribution centers, office buildings, call centers, flex tech buildings and retail stores. Learn more about Bob Moore Construction at