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photos of various real estate properties from commercial real estate developers

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photos of various real estate properties from commercial real estate developersIn their most fundamental role, commercial real estate developers serve as an intermediary between the construction companies that build the buildings and the businesses that use them. Developers often help businesses that provide the optimum value in functionality, location and cost. They leverage their real estate and construction expertise as they coordinate with construction companies on behalf of the tenant businesses. In this way developers ensure that newly constructed spaces meet the client businesses' needs. Real estate developers are often property managers as well, and keep operations running smoothly by maintaining the facilities, allowing their tenants to focus on driving profits. By bridging the gap between builders and users, real estate developers pay an extremely important role in controlling unnecessary expenses and improving efficiency and effectiveness for all parties involved.

The most influential real estate development companies go beyond this role. The best real estate developers are visionaries, looking years - even decades - beyond today's world to determine what buildings will be needed, and where. They imagine a commercial building, an industrial park or shopping mall, or even an entire commercial district in a currently undeveloped area by looking into the future and projecting what tomorrow's businesses and consumers will need. At their finest, real estate developers are entrepreneurs who seek out opportunity and drive it to reality, and in the process grow our communities and our nation. Tomorrow's manufacturers, distributors, retailers and employers will have a home because today's real estate developers had the daring and vision to foresee their needs.

Real Estate showcases famous commercial developers and property managers from history who have demonstrated that entrepreneurial spirit, and along the way have altered the course of America. People like Walt Disney, who created a children's fantasy world known as Disneyland and imagineered the theme park concept used in amusement parks around the world today. Or the architect Victor Gruen, who created a new approach to clustering retail stores under one roof with large department stores to anchor the project . . . and in so doing gave birth to the modern shopping mall. Or Junior Rockefeller, who risked $100 million of his own money on the Rockefeller Center, which created thousands of jobs for desperate construction workers during the Depression and moved his family's core business out of the world's largest oil company and into real estate development. These remarkable stories and more are told in this website's commercial real estate developer articles.

Also featured are leading commercial real estate developers around the United States today, in Texas, New York, Georgia and California. Combined, these real estate developers represent tens of millions of square feet of the world's finest commercial real estate properties.

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